Uppingham V’s Welland Valley B – R&S Handicap Tournamant

Having had a bye in the 1st round Uppingham’s 1st match in the competition was against Welland Valley B who had beaten their A side to progress to this point. Late substitute Pete Dee partnered Sian as the no3 couple with Helen and Paul as number 2’s and Pam and Mark No 1’s. Early predictions suggested that if Uppingham were to overcome the handicap given to Welland Valley B then they would have to win each end by between 11 and 15 points. Despite winning all ends after the completion of 2 rounds the lead was below 100 putting pressure on the final round to be as convincing as possible.

The only dropped end 21:17 against Sian and Pete against WV’s no 1 pair was reversed in their final end with a convincing. Helen and Paul helped the overall cause by dominating heir opponents and Pam and Mark won to 8 and 11. After much scribbling and scratching of temples the scores were agreed showing a lead of 160 points for Uppingham. The opened envelope revealed a handicap of 120.5 to WV B meaning that Uppingham went through by a margin of 39.5, or just over 2 points per end, so very close.

Congratulations to everyone and thanks again to Pete who made sure we put out a full side and helped get us over the line. Next round semi finals v’s Rockingham