An Update from our Treasurer

Unfortunately for those interested used to an element of glamour associated with club cash collection Pam is no longer treasurer, having relinquished the position at the AGM after 7 years’ of diligent service to the club. As a double whammy of disappointment it is Mark Burberry who will be trying to fill Pam’s dainty shoes in this role.
Several of you have already paid the membership subs which really is very much appreciated, thank you. If you have not done so already and you intend to join the club, could you please pay your subs by the end of this month. You have the option of paying £50 now to take you through to Christmas, after which a further £50 will be due in January for the period up to then end of April. Alternatively £85 to be paid by the end of September for the WHOLE year. If you wish to remain a visitor then could you please pay Mark the £5 visitor fee per visit.
Could you also please complete the Membership Form from the downloads section on the website so that we have your up to date contact details.
Remember, to be eligible for club fixtures captains can only select from paid up club members.
Your co-operation is very much appreciated as we have the hall charges to settle in October and also further shuttles to purchase.
Many thanks