UHBC 9 v 0 Apollo, H&P Mixed

Entering the Hunts and Peterborough league has been a good move for the UHBC.  Having played for so long in the R&S and M&D leagues where you can almost certainly know who and how you are going to play, it was nice to see some fresh new faces last night!
Pam and Mark continued their solid play by taking all three, whilst Peter and Sian also took all three albeit with momentary lapses of concentration with Peter gazing wistfully across the other courts to see how everyone was getting on!  Sian soon “gently” reminded him to feel free to join back in with her game on court anytime he wanted…….
A new outing of Helen and Matt S was also very successful in a 3 win for them too.
Overall 9:0 win to Uppingham with a promise from Laurence at Apollo to roll us over when we return to them in the New Year.  We look forward to it Laurence, am I too old to say “Bring it on!”