UHBC 6 v 0 Stanground, H&P Mens 4’s

Bus passes checked and pensions collected a most mature 3 of Delwyn, Pete Dee and Mark were joined by young scamp Duncan to face our opponents from Stanground. Mid warm up it was clear that Uppingham had lost the first competition as Pete had, most unusually, selected to be adorned fully in black and was completely “out-wardrobed” by the young Adam Jeffries who revealed the most acid of lime greens for his choice of sporting attire.
This was to be the only loss of the evening as Uppingham confidently won all 6 rubbers in 2 to secure another 6:0 victory. Special mention to Delwyn and Pete who had clearly both been tuning into Gold FM on the way over and had been jointly inspired by the foppish lothario Mick Hucknall and were certainly “Rolling Back The Years” on court, employing a sense of symmetry and order only associated with such maturity as they won their rubber to 18 and 18. Well played gents and thanks to Duncan who rose from his sick bed to play. The subtle scents mixed on court of Ovaltine and Vicks rub could well have been a contributory factor behind the win.