The Ellie McAusland Handicap Trophy 2015

As we approach the end of the season I’m delighted to advise you that Uppingham Hill Badminton Club will running our handicap tournament for the 3rd year on Tuesday 28th April, our final night of the season. Last year we had 23 players, using all courts with Alan Green and Jack Smalley running out eventual winners. Mike Webster and myself will be facilitating this again this year with the aim being that as many people as possible get to play as much badminton as possible on the night.
For those new (or with short memories) everyone who enters gets a handicap with the view to leveling all players regardless of ability. The range last year was from -3 to +12 which in a 1 off game to 21 gives everyone a chance. We will aim for groups of 4 again so that everyone has the opportunity to play 3 games with a different partner each game, with the group winner and runner up qualifying for the knock-out phase. Once we reach this stage then pairs will be established right through to the final. The final results from last year’s tournament are available in all their glory on the website CLICK HERE. Invitations are extended to both members and regular visitors, the more we have the better.
We are looking to repeat the good fun had from the last 2 years which will hopefully result in 2 new winners. The handicapping and draw will be completed by 20th April, so could we please have all entrants by the club night of Tuesday 21st April. Please register your interest by completing the  sheet on the notice board at club.
Any queries please give myself or Mike Webster a nudge over the next few weeks.
Mark Burberry