The Ellie McAusland Handicap Tournament – Results

Hope you all enjoyed the handicap tournament this year, and what a bumper turn out ……. 34 in total !!

The format was the same as previous years with round robin pools leading to the knock out stages. The evening gave us all the opportunity to have fun, socialise off court and of course play some competitive badminton.

The pools saw some extremely close games resulting in very narrow margins for selection to the knock out stages.

This year’s final was between Clinton and Gail against Wen and Kelly. The handicaping throughout the tournament proved accurate in most cases (thanks to Mark and Mike) with the final being no exception, with the match going to the wire. In the end Clinton and Gail were victorious by the closest of margins winning 21-19.

Well done to our runners up, Wen and Kelly for providing a close run final and  congratulations to Clinton and Gail winners of the Ellie McAusland Trophy for 2016

IMG_5845                                IMG_5849       Handicap Tournament 2016 Results