Stamford 2 v 7 UHBC, R&S Mixed

Pam & Mark, Wen & Paul, Sian & Peter the intrepid pairs in that order went to Stamford B.C. (Queen Eleanor School).

 Pam and Mark brought home the Gold with all 3 wins and it was a nice to see Mark enjoying playing doubles rather than on his own……in a singles game I mean.

 Wen and Paul looked very impressive for their first outing for R&S Mixed and were very unlucky not to pick up all 3.

 Again however the result of 7:2 did not reflect the closeness of all the games and Stamford were also unlucky to not pick up more, however Uppingham were delighted to come away with a much needed good win.

 Have a good look at the scorecard to see just how nip and tuck the games were.

 A good night with a lot of laughing which is surely what it is always about.