St Marys 3 v 3 UHBC, H&P Ladies

On a decidedly cold night and by cold I mean it was noticeable that opposition warmed up with their coats on, the intrepid 4 ladies of Uppingham went to play against St Mary’s 1.  With offers of Mulled Wine rather than squash we were made to feel most welcome!
Heather played all night with her scarf on but this did not undermine her determination to win with some of the outstanding points of the night coming from her amazing smashes.  Clearly not a woman to be messed with when she’s freezing!
Gaby and Sian broke their run of always winning and were both disappointed not to pick up their ends.  Something to do perhaps with a very sluggish Captain nursing a sniffle of a cold even before she got to the very cold hall – apologies to Gaby!
Helen continued her winning streak and the end result was a 3:3 draw but a win to Uppingham on number of ends won.
Congratulations to all the ladies as we go into the Christmas break enjoy it, you all deserve it.