St Marys 2 4 v 2 UHBC, H&P, Div 2

A huge thank you to Helen for standing in as Ladies Captain whilst Sian is sunning herself in Sri Lanka. She led the team of Sandy, Gaby, Rosie and herself to St Marys 2 on Tuesday evening. In her own words:

We lost 4-2 last night, but there were some good games and it could have been closer. Sandy and I should have won our game – we would have done if it wasn’t for the plastics!. We had a slow start losing the first end and getting used to the lovely plastic shuttles (Sandy had to explain to me that the red on them meant the speed of them and was not there for decoration as I had thought!!) Anyway once we’d got use to the flight we gave them a good fight edging the 2nd end but their number 1 player was very good and made the difference to them winning the 3rd end.

Sandy got the rough end of the deal as she had to play against their number 1 (all night) and she was very good. Sandy and Rosie did well getting 9 in both games and then her and Gaby got 8 and 9. But it was a bit unfair as their number 1 was so tall and had such a good reach, she just got everything back!!!

I was going for value for money as having gone to 3 ends with Sandy, did the same with Gaby! We won in the first end easily, had a wobble in the 2nd and then somehow came back from 20-18 down to win. Then when I played with Rosie she had the game of her life. We won the first end easily, and then they decided that the way to win was to hit it at Rosie all the time. But she stood up to them and got the shuttle back, and played brilliantly for us to win. Hopefully she enjoyed her experience.

Another big thank you to Helen. Sounds like a good evening of sport, and with a small amount of luck, could have come away with a draw or a tight win. Well played all, it augers well for the future of the ladies team at Uppingham.