Sawtry (2) 3 v 3 UHBC, H&P Men’s 4

For the second time this season, the 4’s visited Sawtry for a match, this time against their 2nd team. Matt, Mark, Peter and Dan, with a heavily strapped wrist (lifting log injury), took to battle resplendent in matching and indeed fetching yellow bandana’s (no Matt, you shouldn’t have, really!)

Sawtry got off to a great start defeating Mark and Dan in 2 ends followed by a comprehensive victory for Peter and Matt. Alternating victories ensued for each side with Matt and Mark setting up the potential for a 4:2 victory in their final rubber. However, despite the determined efforts of Peter and Dan, the Sawtry pair of Geoff and Sam, their captain, just managed to stay 2-3 points ahead throughout, securing a 3:3 draw for their young skipper. Although the badminton was good, the night will be remembered for inadvertently cutting up the opposition on the way to the venue, yellow bandana’s, cold showers, big game hunting in Wansford and Dan’s cunning plan to lose his wallet when it was his round at the bar. We were all relieved that he managed to find it on his way home. This fixture showed what the club is really about; moderate drinkers with a serious badminton problem…a good effort gents.