Rutland and Stamford League Update

Hi Everyone

All results are now in and I enclose the final league tables and Handicap Tournament results (in excel and pdf formats).  Thank you everybody for being so prompt in sending in results which has meant I can complete the tables so quickly! I don’t think there are any errors but if you think I’ve made a mistake, please let me know.
There are 5 outstanding league results and the result of the handicap final to report on since my last weekly update
Mixed League
Welland Valley B vs Welland Valley A.  Win for Welland Valley A 9-0
This result confirms Welland Valley B finish at the foot of the table.
Mens League
Meltonshire vs Stamford.  Win for Meltonshire 9-0
Welland Valley vs Stamford.  Win for Welland Valley 5-4
Uppingham Hill vs Meltonshire.  Win for Meltonshire 8-1
Rockingham vs Stamford.  Win for Stamford 7-2
Meltonshire finish the season unbeaten and so win the mens division.  The final match of the whole season between Rockingham and Stamford was also important in that the winners avoided finishing at the foot of the table! Congratulations go to Stamford
Handicap Tournament
In the Handicap final, Rockingham took on Stamford with Stamford receiving 20.5 points.  In a close match, Rockingham accumulated 323 points against Stamford’s 312 but after taking the handicap into account, Stamford came out winners by a mere 9.5 points (and retain the trophy they won last season)!


So finally, congratulations go to our league winners….
Mars in the mixed division
Meltonshire in the mens division
Stamford in the Handicap tournament
I hope everybody had an enjoyable season.