Rutland and Stamford League Update

Three results only since the last update
Mixed division
Pearl vs Rockingham.  Win for Pearl 9-0
Welland Valley A vs Mars.  Win for Mars 6-3
Mens Division
Rockingham vs Uppingham Hill.  Win for Uppingham Hill 5-4
In the Mixed division, Pearl kept the pressure on Mars and Welland Valley A with the comprehensive victory over Rockingham and fittingly the title was decided in the clash between Mars and Welland Valley A.  Victory for Mars gave them 2 points for an un assailable lead and the title over Pearl by a single point.  Congratulations to Mars
Uppingham Hill’s victory over Rockingham in the Mens division kept their slim hopes alive and mathematically they still can win the title but Meltonshire only require a point from their last two matches to deny them.