Peterborough City 0 v 9 UHBC, H&P Men’s 6, Div 3

Another trip down the A47 for the Men’s 6 on Friday, resulted in another good win for the boys.

Once again we were made to feel very welcome by our opponents at their home venue, for what was the last game of this half of the season for any of the teams.

With an unusual hall layout the conditions took some time to adjust to, with the opening three rubbers all close, hard fought affairs. Mark and Paul ground out a 22-20, 21-16 win, Matt and Delwyn and equally close win to 18 and 17, and Pete and Peter, having lost a close first end 23-21 found their feet to win the next two games to 9 and 12!

That was as close as it got all night with each pair rattling through their next games. Most memorably for Pete and Peter against Peterborough’s 1st pair, winning it to 11 and 12 with a display of calm defending as their opponents sought to hit them off the court. It seems that they could not figure out that the harder they hit the shuttle, the faster and deeper the defensive shot returned – some pairs just match up well!

The last round of three games also went in favour of Uppingham, with Peterborough City unable to find a chink in the armour…

Well played in 2012 gents, have a great Christmas and roll on 2013.