Mixed Handicap: Uppingham 349.5 – 341 Welland Valley

Uppingham registered a terrific win over Welland Valley in the first round of the Mixed Hanicap Tournament. Having been soundly beaten by the same team earlier in the season, Uppingham needed to put up a tough fight to progress to the next round. Fielding a weakend side (as did the opposition!), Uppingham fought hard for every point, and put in an outstanding display, with the makeshift pairing of Sherman and his sister Mel running their opponents close in nearly every end and winning a vital end too.

Uppingham won by 349.5 points to 341 points after the handicap was applied, a margin of just 8.5 points, equating to less than 1/2 a point per end! It doesnt get much tighter than that. Click here for full match details.