Minutes of the 2012/13 AGM


Minutes for Uppingham Hill Badminton Club AGM

Held Tuesday 14th May, Don Paddy’s Uppingham


Chair: M Burberry

Minute Taker: S Bryars

Attendees: P Atkinson, J Smalley, M Stevens, P Callow, P Giblin, M Webster, P Dee, J Husk, D Tarleton, H Barnett, H McAusland, S Dunstan, M Mercer,


Apologies were received from: P Wood, S Wood, C Webster, D Brew, D Burbidge, G Crowson, D Garnham, S Mobsy, M Pridmore, M Wallis, W Chen, Rosie, C Crowson, Anthony, Alex

Meeting commenced 7.44pm

  1. Welcome by Chairman

Mark Burberry opened the meeting and thanked all for attending.

  1. Minutes from previous meeting.

Approved and signed by Mark (Chairman) and Pam Giblin (Treasurer)

  1. Matters arising


  1. Treasurer’s Report – attached for reference

Pam ran through the Balance Sheet and Accounts which were again very healthy and well received.

Pam also ran through the dates for next season and advised she had secured 6 courts for the full season (if required).

It was proposed and carried (M Burberry proposed and P Atkinson seconded) that subs and match fees would remain the same. This was on the understanding that as a Club we needed to be mindful of reinvestment back into the Club where and when there was a surplus.

The Chair expressed appreciation on behalf of the Club for the fantastic work Pam had done yet again, and wanted it noted that a lot of the hard work and effort was done without any expectation of thanks. Pam was applauded by all.

  1. Chairman’s Report

Mark reminded the meeting of the goals set out by the committee last season namely:

  1. Continuing to play with feathers;

  2. Greater participation by all members in Match Play;

  3. Full Club evenings; and

  4. Increased membership.

These were ambitious goals which were fully achieved and in no small part by the efforts of ALL members. The decision not to draw the curtain across the hall on home match nights was considered to have been a good decision as it was a good home advantage but also the participation of the other Club members and support on these evenings had been amazing, which had led to a great atmosphere and was regularly commented on by visiting players.

The Club Tournament had been very well attended and out of 30 members 26 had played. Special thanks to Jack and Peter for their input and organisational skills and to Mike on the night for his efficient admin skills!

The Chair also wished to express thanks to Stuart McAusland for his and Alison’s blessing in the naming of the trophy and it was especially fitting that Heather (Stuart’s sister) and Pete Dee had in fact won. Peter then presented the award.

The Chair then reminded the meeting that Gaby Crowson had been named Players’ Player of the Year and this had been previously awarded to her at the Club Tournament night in light of the fact that Gaby was unable to attend this evening. Matt Mercer was awarded the title of Most Improved Player of the Year, this was well received.

The Chair also wanted to thank Alan for his continuing work on the Club’s website which was held in high esteem by the majority of other Clubs across the various leagues.

A final round of thanks to Uppingham Sports Club for a great facility (MB to send letter of thanks) and also a big thank you for this year’s Committee for their continued effort and input and especially Peter, whose effort and support remained largely unseen by most of the Club.

In return Peter thanked Mark on behalf of the Club for a sterling job this year as Chair.

  1. Team Captains Reports

  1. M&D Mixed by Matt Stevens

Promoted last year after being undefeated but a much tougher year this year as a result and we finished 3rd. Thanks to everyone who had stepped up.

  1. R&S Men’s by Jack Smalley

Expressed thanks to all that played and was happy to announce we finished 2nd in the Division just behind Meltonshire.

  1. H&P Men’s 6 by Peter Atkinson

We were promoted last year and the level of play was slightly higher. We will be promoted to Division 2 and it should be even better. Thanks to all who played and a special mention to Paul Callow and Mark Burberry who were undefeated.

  1. H&P Men’s 4 by Mark Burberry

This was a new format for us and was well received. Good usage of players with 26 people playing out of the 28 that were asked. Played 8, won 7 and drew 1. Promoted as Champions and it should be a good year next year.

  1. R&S Mixed by Siân Bryars

This is a division made up of 7 teams including UHBC. Finished 4th which was maybe a little disappointing. Plagued as always with injuries we will be looking for more consistency of pairings next year which we had attempted this year but did not achieve.

  1. H&P Ladies 4 by Siân Bryars

Fantastic start for the ladies in Division 2 only losing 3 matches in the 1st season. Unsure as to final position as not all results were yet posted. Final position and next year’s position would be announced on the website by Peter.

  1. H&P Mixed by Siân Bryars

Currently standing in 1st place with one match to play. In summary: played 10 and won 9, losing only to Whaplode Drove away 6:3. A great start for the mixed team in a new league and hopeful for a promotion. Please check the website for updates.

In conclusion Siân wanted to say a big thank you to everyone in both Ladies and Mixed who untiringly made themselves available and had actually made the role of Captain quite pleasant!

  1. 2013/2014 Teams and Leagues

The Chair explained that the organisation of this number of teams in a Club our size meant it was heavily front-end loaded in terms of organisation and it was a credit to us all that only 2 matches were rearranged by us.

It was again questioned if we have enough Ladies to field in the teams and the dedication shown this year by the few ladies we do have was to be applauded.

The Club was reminded that you do need to be a member of the Club to be eligible to play in a team.

It was proposed to carry on with the 7 teams – proposed by Pete Dee, seconded by M Webster.

(Apologies from Helen Barnett who had to leave the meeting 8.45pm).

  1. Election of Officers

As is normal all Club officials stepped down from their current roles.

New positions are as follows:-

Treasurer: Pam Giblin, proposed by S Bryars, seconded by M Stevens

Fixtures Sec: Paul Callow, proposed by P Dee, seconded by J Husk (Initial handover by P Atkinson)

At this point there was a proposal for one Team Captain per category and this was considered and carried; proposed by M Stevens, seconded by M Mercer. There had also been the suggestion for a selection committee and the Club was reminded that we had in fact tried this and it had not been successful.

Therefore there were 3 Team Captain roles as follows:-

Mixed: Siân Bryars, proposed by P Giblin, seconded by P Dee

Mens: Jack Smalley, proposed by S Bryars, seconded by P Atkinson

Ladies: Siân Bryars, proposed by M Burberry, seconded by P Atkinson

The position of Chair provoked much discussion! After much persuasion Peter accepted the role; proposed by M Burberry, seconded by S Bryars.

  1. AOB

  1. Petrol money for drivers was discussed and it was agreed that all team players would contribute £1 towards costs. Proposed by D Tarleton, seconded by J Smalley.

  2. Fees agreed at a continued rate of £5 per match. Proposed by M Webster, seconded by M Stevens.

  3. Mark to include in his note to Uppingham Sports Hall a formal thank you to 1staiders.

  4. The selection criteria of “new” members being selected to play ahead of “existing” members was raised by Dan.

The following points were raised:

  • You have to be a paid up member to be considered for a team.

  • Club participation was key

  • It was noted that the Captains did a good job soliciting desire and the availability to play, on the whole.

  • Ability, it had to be recognised that suitable of a player to a match was fundamental.

  • New versus existing was not really a point because once you became a member you were eligible for consideration regardless of “length” served at the Club!

  • Mike Webster spoke eloquently that as a “newbie” with experience at other Clubs across the country he felt strongly that Uppingham was very much an “everybody’s” Club.

On this positive note Mark brought the meeting to a conclusion at 22.05pm.