Mars v UHBC, Rutland and Stamford Handicap, Round 1

On a wet Friday in Melton what could be better you might ask than a fixture against Mars with plastic shuttles on a slippy floor.  The answer would be a handicap tournament fixture against Mars with plastic shuttles, a slippery floor and an incredibly low handicap revealed at the end of a tough night of just 30 points…….

Suffice to say that despite a valiant effort by all the usual suspects, Pam and Mark, Sian and Peter and a new outing of the fantastic Carole and Mike (stepping up to help out) Uppingham lost this particular fixture.

372 points v 268 with a 30 point handicap in Uppinghams favour, meant a nett loss, by 74 points.

Not our finest night but no disgrace, on to Welland Valley at home this coming Tuesday.