Hunts and Peterborough League

The Hunts and Peterborough League  has issued an interim league table which provides an indication of overall positions at the end of November 2015.  As some clubs have played more fixtures than others so it should be viewed as indicative, but allows us to see and compare match results.

Many of you will be aware of the challenges we have been facing with our ladies team this year, with difficulties with fixture dates/ scheduling, availability of players for matches and more recently the resignation of our ladies captain. Given the above and our unsuccessful attempts to recruit a new ladies captain for the second half of the season we have reluctantly had to pull out of the ladies division of the league for this season. This was a difficult decision for the committee but one that was necessary to be fair to the other teams in the league and to allow the league to reschedule fixtures for the remaining half of the year.

November 2015