Club Update

Further to Peter’s recent resignation from the posts of Club Chairman and Captain of the Men’s Hunts and Peterb team the committee met on Tuesday 6th December to agree how to proceed. It was decided that elections should take place for both roles to ensure continuity and therefore we invite nominations from within the club for these roles. It was agreed that all nominations with seconders should be sent to Mark Burberry as Club Secretary by Tuesday 4th January 2012. In line with the Club Constitution a Special General Meeting will be convened at our 1st club session at 8:00 to either announce the new roles or conduct a vote should there be multiple nominations. It is anticipated that this process should not significantly disrupt club night.

All nominations would be welcomed particularly from members currently not in any posts and can be sent to Mark either via mail at or call 07889 344884. For complete transparency Mark has declared that he would like to be considered for the role of Club Chairman. To assist, the following are the key duties required for each role.


Call and chair AGM and any other special meetings in line with constitution
Co-ordinate committee roles
Co-ordinate content for website
Overview smooth running of club nights and matches
Participate on selection meetings
Assist in purchasing of shuttles
Encourage club progression for the benefit of all members
Project the club positively in the local community and within the leagues where we participate

Team Captain

Attend fixture meeting (conducted for this season)
Organise practise sessions at club night
Obtain availability of players ahead of fixtures
Ensure fair selection process ahead of fixtures
Notify players of selection confirming match times and locations
Welcome opposition for home matches and be key contact for away matches
Provide refreshments for home matches (refundable via Treasurer)
Complete match card and score sheet for club records
Ensure match card sent to Secretary to be sent on to league contact
Collect match fees and pass these to Treasurer in a timely manner

Both are not exhaustive but will give you a flavour of what is involved.