Christmas Party – CANCELLED!


Unfortunately, due to the lack of interest (11 only out of 29 members) in the Christmas Social, the Committee agreed to cancel the booking for Friday 8th December.
My apologies for those who wanted to attend and have made the effort to arrange babysitters, transport, new shoes and party-frocks (sorry Peter!). Many thanks to Sian and Peter who have volunteered to arrange this for the club alongside their existing club roles, work and family life.
I have heard some feedback that people did not know that we were having an event which I find difficult to understand. The date has been highlighted on the website since September as a result of feedback from the AGM and communication started in the club on Tuesday’s from 6th November. The only point that developed recently was the decision that the club were going to cover the food bill. To get to this decision Pam had to review funds and projected income and expenditure for 2013 to see if we could afford it. This now appears to be an unnecessary task and a waste of pam’s time. Once we knew the club could afford it we tried to communicate this as soon as possible, however, is this really the clincher for commitment? If there are issues with communication I would welcome some positive ideas as to how we could improve this, getting the balance right between the time required to get information to everyone.
From a personal perspective I would have welcomed the opportunity to thank the committee for their considerable efforts for this season to date in terms of arranging fixtures, sorting teams and transport, booking courts, managing the website, match reports, managing the finances and generally being very generous with their time. These are the people that would have really deserved a relaxing evening, thank you all and sorry it cannot go ahead.
Our website is a great resource and contains everything related to the club. It is held in very high regard by local clubs and leagues which results in many visitors viewing our content from outside our club. However the site is aimed at you, the club members, so I would encourage you all to view it more regularly and make sure you are signed up for updates; that way fixtures, reports and social events will not come as a surprise in the future. Also understand that this approach is less onerous on time for committee members with updates enabled open and collectively, rather than bulk emails that tend not to be read.
Unperturbed, thoughts are already turning to a special end of season event so if you have any ideas then please let them be known.
On behalf of the UHBC committee have a great Christmas with your families and every happiness for 2013.