Belvoir Bottesford 7 v 2 UHBC, Les Hall Cup, Melton League

On a sling and a prayer, sorry I meant wing, the intrepid Uppingham M&D team rallied themselves early to make the long trek to the realms of NG postcodes!  After squeezing 5 into Sian’s reverse Tardis we made our merry way via the 15 high points of Bottesford, helped mostly by the sat nav and a lack of full disclosure of directional information.  When it came to the badminton we were all fired up but only managed 1 game in the first 3 thanks to the prodigious skills of Sian and Helen.  We stepped out for the second round of matches to again come away the poor seconders with just one game.  In the final 3 games though will and capability was certainly there to swing it back, the overriding 8 point start to the opposition proved too hard a mental barrier to overcome finishing the evening with a 7-2 loss, Bottesford put out a good team which were more than a match for us with plastics!

Sterling effort from all on our side with particular thanks to Matt Mercer for standing in at late notice!

Got to feel a little for OG’s last year when we did the same to them in the semi’s!