Apollo 2 3 v 6 UHBC, H&P Mixed Div 2

Another visit to Apollo at 11am on a Sunday, but this time in Werrington.

Paul and Wen stepped into the considerable shoes of Mark and Pam and assumed the No. 1 Pair status. They did not let the team down, by putting together a fine sequence of games and comfortably took all three. Peter and Sian, again had a ‘wobble’ in their first game, but pulled it around this time, to pick up the other two matches, and Matt and Pam, playing as the third pair on the day, recovered from a difficult start to ease to a win in their final match.

A big thankyou to everyone that turned out on a Sunday morning, it was great to show what strength we have in depth. Another fine win, continues our unbeaten season in this division, and with only two matches left to play, we are looking for a 100% record this year in the H&P League.