AGM Minutes and Updates

Minutes for Uppingham Hill Badminton Club AGM

Held Tuesday 10th May, Don Paddy’s Uppingham


Chair:                    Mike Webster

Minute Taker:    Peter Atkinson

Attendees:         Pam, Jack, John, Anthony, Clinton, Rosie, Eleanor, Irene, Scott

All notes were distributed.

Apologies were received from: S Bryers, G Crowson, W Chen, C Webster, M Stevens.

Meeting commenced at 7.44pm

Welcome by Chairman

Mike Webster opened the meeting and welcomed all attending commenting on his disappointment on the low turnout for the AGM this year.

Minutes from previous meeting

These were approved and signed after being read through by the group.

Matters arising

Clinton’s proposal for a new tournament format was not trialled in 2016/17 as had been agreed at the previous AGM (AOB Point d), and it was agreed to look again at this for the forthcoming season, suggesting that this could be an additional tournament night half way through the season.

Chairman’s Comments/Report

Mike Webster thanked the club officers for their work during the season, and the club membership as a whole for their support during the year and in matches. Mike also thanked Mark for helping plan and organise the end of season handicap competition and to Peter and the Grainstore for again hosting and subsidising the end of season party.The Chair noted the ‘ups and downs’ of the season, and stressed the teething troubles, but felt that lessons were learnt as the season continued with members thoughts listened to and changes made throughout the season.

‘Lows’ being the demise of the Ladies team and ‘Highs’ the amount of new members, generally well attended club nights and a fantastic turn out for the end of season tournament with a record entry, with a healthy balance struck between experienced and less experienced players giving all a chance to shine.

Peter thanked Mike for his efforts throughout the year.

Treasurer’s Report

Jack talked us through the balance sheet, which was well received by all and an overview of the accounts leaves UHBC in a healthy position for the start of next season

Jack mentioned that shuttle expenditure was down for the year as a result of less matches being played throughout the season.

It was noted that 30 members had elected to pay their full years fees up front.

It was proposed that fees should remain the same as this year for the following season ( proposed by Peter and seconded by Pam), which was passed and adopted.

It was Proposed that 1st time visitors should still receive their first visit for free and that visitor and match fees remain the same by Jack and seconded by John – this was passed.

Captains Report


Not available as the team had been withdrawn half way through the season.

Clinton – Mixed

Summed up the team’s entries this year and thanked all those that took part in matches.

In the Rutland & Stamford League the team won most of their home matches but struggled with the games against Mars and Pearl, and overall finished 4th out of 6.

Hunts & P’Boro League the team performed exceptionally well during the season, and despite unforeseen challenges managed a creditable 2nd in Division 2. Special thanks went to Pam and Peter for holding the challenge together and turning in performances with their backs against the wall.

Mike thanked Clinton

Anthony – Men’s

Both Men’s teams had their ups and downs, but overall the performances were good. A difficult start to the season with experimental pairings settled down but the usual struggle away from home continued, particularly towards the end of the season.

Rutland & Stamford side did well to finish 3rd and the Hunts & P’Boro team held onto their divisional status, but couldn’t muster a challenge for promotion.

Mike thanked Anthony


Drinks & Food Break at 8.40pm


AGM recommenced at 8.50pm

2016/17 teams and leagues

A long debate was entered into with regards to the number of teams entered into the various leagues for the past season, with some feeling that it did not allow for sufficient players to have regular match play.

It was proposed by Peter and seconded by Pam that the Mixed teams remain at 2 entries.

After a discussion surrounding the possibility of re-entering the Men’s 4 team into the Hunts & P’Boro league, a proposal was made by Anthony and seconded by Peter to enter the existing two Men’s 6 teams and the Men’s 4. With a vote of 7 for and 4 abstentions the proposal was passed.

Discussion turned to the Ladies team and the current availability of Ladies who wished to play in a team, with Scott suggesting that the current crop of ladies, and those that were only present during the first half of the season be consulted via email, over the summer, to see if there is an appetite to support and for entering a Ladies team in 2017/18 and the requirement for a team captain. The resulting vote was passed by 11 – 0.

Election of officers

As usual all officers withdrew from their roles.

Chair – Mike declined to stand for a further year due to significant work pressures– no one was proposed, so it was agreed to seek a member for the role over the summer break.

Treasurer – Jack expressed that he would be prepared to stand again – this was proposed by Scott and seconded by Clinton and passed 11-0 at the resultant vote.

Match Secretary –  Scott stated that he would not be able provide this role again for the coming season and no one stood for the role. It was suggested that the captains fulfil this role and have a representative attend the league fixture meetings, this was agreed.

Captains – Clinton affirmed that he would not re stand for the role of Mixed Captain, although he would be prepared to help out a new candidate once he has cleared his own thoughts on where he will play Mixed badminton next season  – no one stood for the role.

Antony was prepared to stand again. This was proposed by John Husk and seconded by Peter, with the resultant vote being passed by 11-0

Peter pointed out that with no Chair or Mixed Captain, who would be responsible for communications over the summer break. A deadline of July 31st was proposed to resolve these matters, with the possibility of an Extraordinary General Meeting shortly thereafter if there was no resolution. This was voted upon and passed 11-0. (please see post AGM note)

UHBC Constitution

The original constitution was found and presented, with some proposed discussion points and possible changes. Particular debate was centred upon allowing non full paying members to participate in matches.

It was proposed that the constitution be changed to allow such players to participate in matches, ONLY as a last resort should every other avenue been exhausted and that no other full member be available to play. This was passed 11-0.

It was also proposed that with the lack of a Secretary and League Secretary that team Captains be added as club officers – again this was passed 11-0.

It was noted that the Club Accounts are not independently verified before each AGM, and it was discussed whether this article be removed from the constitution. Peter felt that there should some control over this, and therefore proposed that it was sufficient for a further member of the club to verify these each season rather than appointing and paying for an external auditor. This was passed 11-0

It was noted that the clubs bank account now only required one signatory and a discussion around whether this was deemed sufficient. This idea was debated and rejected, so the constitutional point 7.2.2 should stand. Action – Jack to arrange with the bank for two signatories.

Action- Mike to update the constitution as per the agreed changes and publish on the club website

Socials and Awards

The upcoming end of season social was again reconfirmed. It was noted that the Cricket match arrange for summer 2015 once again didn’t take place due to the weather this time around and that the club would once again try to arrange this for the forthcoming year.

‘Players Player of the Year’ – for the first time, this was a two way tie, with both Jack and Eleanor in first place. Mike awarded each with a small gift and a certificate.

‘Most Improved Player’ elected by the club officers was unanimously awarded to Eleanor.


Clinton thanked Mike for his efforts throughout the season

The meeting was brought to a close at 10.30pm


*Post AGM Notes: Further to the AGM, Peter consulted Mike and offered to stand as Chairman for the forthcoming season. Mike circulated an email to the club, and with no one opposing or standing against, Peter has now assumed the role of Chairman.

**Sian has offered to consult with the ladies regarding the possibility of a team once again, and this looks positive so far.

***Sian has also offered to take the role of Mixed Captain.