2013/14 AGM Minutes

Minutes for Uppingham Hill Badminton Club AGM

Held Tuesday 13th May, Don Paddy’s Uppingham

Chair: P Atkinson (PA)

Minute Taker: M Stevens (MS)

Attendees: J Husk (JH), P Dee (PD), A Green (AG), H Barnett (HB), M Webster (MW), P Giblin (PG), M Burberry (MB), P Callow (PC), J Smalley (JS), M Mercer (MM), D Tarleton (DT).

All notes were distributed.

Apologies were received from: S Bryers (SB), G Crowson (GC), C Crowson (CC), D Garnham (DG), W Chen (WC), C Webster (CW), A Cleaver (AC), Rosie.

Meeting commenced at 7.42pm

1. Welcome by Chairman
Peter Atkinson opened the meeting and welcomed all attending.
2. Minutes from previous meeting
These were approved and signed after being read through by the group.
3. Matters arising
4. Treasurer’s Report – Attached for reference
Pam talked us through the balance sheet, which was well received by all and an overview of the accounts leaves UHBC in a healthy position for the start of next season

A question was posed about extra shuttles as there is only 3 tubes to carry over as advised by PA

The dates for next season were given by PG and will run: 02/09/14 – 14/12/14 for the first term and 06/01/15 – 28/04/15 for the second term, there will be 6 courts available all night for every night of season.

It was proposed that fees should remain the same as this year for the following season ( proposed PD and seconded MB)

MW raised the issue of value for money of feather shuttles, this lead to an in depth discussion led by MB and PA about this and the quality of the shuttles used. The outcome of which was that a new trial should be run of available shuttles at the beginning of next season.

It was agreed by all that 1st time visitors should still receive their first visit for free.

5. Chairman’s Report
PA stated that it had been a season of highs and lows, the club had shown success at the beginning and the end of the season but had lost their way slightly in the middle, one of the highs being that UHBC is the only team to have beaten Pearl BC at home in 10 years. One of the lows was that we then lost to Apollo B which was not so good.

It was then said we need to continue working towards the goals we have set out for ourselves as a club and particularly we should continue to try and get as many people involved with every aspect of the club and continue to grow membership.

The club tournament was a great success again for the second year with a higher attendance than 2013, particular thanks was given to MB and MW for their efforts in putting the whole thing together.

Congratulations went to AG and JS for winning the tournament.

It was commented that membership was slightly down on last year in terms of full payment although it was bolstered by the increased visitors fees.

The most improved player was awarded to Rosie.
Players, player was awarded to Sian.

Thanks were offered to AG for hosting the web site and the updates thereupon.

Thanks to Uppingham School

Thanks for being a great club! – Stamford comment to PA about how we had such a great club and that we should be proud to have made it so successful.

MB extended thanks to PA on behalf of the committee members.

PA then apologised to all for the lack of information that was available through the web site this season, this was down to a greatly increased work load from other areas.

6. Captains Report
SB – Ladies
An exceptional year, especially due to the limited numbers available to play in this league, vying for the top spot; this is awaiting information from the league.

SB – Mixed
Highs and lows, highs being the beating of Pearl, Mars and Welland Valley, the lows bing that we lost to all the same teams 9-0 at some point.

Lots of absence and illness was present throughout the year, this resulted in 3-4 ladies playing across all teams for the entire season.

Overall – 3rd in Peterborough and Hunts league, 4th in Melton league and 4th in Rutland and Stamford league, mid table in all leagues.

JS – Men’s
Rutland and Stamford league, JS said that he had used this team to allow all who wanted to play the opportunity including new players, overall it worked well, and finishing 3rd out of 4, JA commented that it was bronze medal and not the wooden spoon!

Peterborough and Hunts league (4’s), little said other than we amazingly stayed up, finishing 4th out of 6.

Peterborough and Hunts league (6’S), set out as our top flight and targeted promotion form the off, the team performed very well but after a hard fought season finished 3rd behind Apollo and Pearl.

A final comment was made about Whaplode Drove who having been unbeaten at home for some years was done so by UHBC with only 2 pairs!

7. 2014/2015 teams and leagues
Last season the club ran 7 teams, 3 men’s, 3 mixed and 1 ladies, this equates to 78 fixtures of these we had to concede 2 and rearrange 3.

It was agreed that the positives was the contribution of extra funds to the club, while the negatives was the pressure put on to the ladies of the club.

From here the following comments were made:
Matches are impacting on club nights as Thursdays are taking members away from club night, as well as sometimes multiple matches in the week.
More teams were created to allow more people to participate in matches.
A happy balance needs to be struck.
Perhaps there is one too many teams for the ladies overall.
A mixed team should be considered to be dropped.
Matches are a large burden especially the ladies.

SB made the comment in absence that the M+D team should be the one considered to be dropped.

PA raises the motion to drop the M+D team…

Further suggestions are then put forward including to split the courts on club night, 2 for matches and 4 for club.

MW asked if the matches could start earlier, with an almost unanimous NO being delivered from the floor.

The motion was then changed to propose to lose 1 mixed team and increase matches on the Tuesday night, seconded by MM, this was carried 11/2.

MB then proposed that it was M+D team that was dropped, seconded by PA this was carried 11/2.
MB proposed that the ladies team was kept, seconded by HB, this was carried by unanimous vote.

JS made the motion to lose the men’s 4 team, seconded by DT after an inconclusive first vote and subsequent conversational points the vote was taken to keep the men’s 4 team.

8. Election of officers
PA proposed that the same structure is used from last season; this was seconded by JS and carried by unanimous vote.

Chair was proposed as PA by PD and seconded by AG, this was carried by unanimous vote.

PA thanked PG for 8 years of great work on behalf of the club and committee, PA then presented PG with a gift for her service.

Treasurer was proposed as MB by PD and seconded by PA this was carried by unanimous vote.

Fixture secretary, no one stood, after some duress PC agreed to take on the role as long as supported by other members of the club. Proposed by MB and seconded by PD, this was carried by unanimous vote.

Mixed and ladies captain proposed as SB by AG and seconded by PA, this was carried by unanimous vote.

Men’s captain, proposed as JS as himself and seconded by AG, this was carried by unanimous vote.

9. AOB
Lack of shuttles at club
AG has very kindly offered to keep a few tubes at his house as an emergency backup, this will be monitored by the Chair.

Too many matches impacting upon club
It was felt that this point had been well covered earlier in the meeting.

Shuttle etiquette needs to be continued to be enforced although the feel is that it is much improved, in addition it was agreed that a great number of slightly used shuttles be kept and used especially for the knock up. One comment was made “to try and use shuttles to death”. There will be a new box for next season.

It was commented that the web site was quiet this year, consequently it was stated that there will be a lot more input over the next season.

Finally we discussed the cricket match between UHBC and Uppingham Cricket people who said they will participate on the 8th August are: MB, PD, MM, AC, AG, PA, MW, MS

The meeting was brought to a close at 9.59pm